Υγρασία 10-20%
Οργανική ουσία 60-75%
PH 7
Οργανικός Άνθρακας (C) 30-40%
Άζωτο (Ν) 3-4%
Φώσφορος (P2Ο5) 3-4%
Κάλιο (Κ2Ο) 3-4%
Ασβέστιο (CaO) 3-4%
Μαγνήσιο (Mg) 0,9%
Σίδηρος (Fe) 0,5%
Μαγγάνιο (Mn) 0,07%
Ψευδάργυρος (Zn) 0,05%
Βάριο (B) 0,009%
Χαλκός (Cu) 0,006%


Agrofer is our natural, organic fertilizer which is produced from our laying hens manure using the Japanese HOSOYA processing method. No additives are used, and due to its high percentage of organic matter it improves soil structure and increases crop production and quality.

It is practically odourless and free of weed seeds and pathogens.It is produced  in the form of 3-5mm pellets and is packaged in 25kg bags.


 (pdflink: agrofer.pdf)

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