The company


ZOURAS FARM is a vertically integrated poultry company, boasting 70 years of experience in the sector (eggs, chicks and laying hens). Today, it is  the market leader in Greece. From the rearing of the hens, to hatching and production of the eggs the procedures we follow, our know how and expertise ensure the highest quality egg to our customers – more than 150m produced at our facilities annually.
Started in 1945 as a cottage industry by brothers Dimitris and Triantafyllos Zouras, the company expanded its business by investing in its own breeding units, rearing houses and hatcheries. Recently, we completed the construction and began  operation of our egg processing plant in Alexandroupolis, the only one of its kind in the Balkans.
Our considerable experience, our know-how and state of the art equipment in our facilities, but above all our passion for our work, ensure the  quality of our products and services.


  • Production and marketing of eggs and egg products (liquid and powder)
  • Production and marketing of chicks and 16-week-old pullets
  • Production and marketing of organic fertilizer from chicken manure
  • Marketing of machinery for poultry houses
  • Marketing of egg cartons



The company's history begins in 1945, when brothers Triantafyllos and Dimitris Zouras lease a farm in Holargos and buy a few laying hens, offering "quality, day-fresh  eggs" to the neighborhood.
One year later, the two brothers begin managing a farm in Metamorfossi, Attica. This is where they keep 200 chicks and sell the first eggs door-to-door at Neo Irakleio.
Soon, they buy a farm in Metamorfossi and set up their own poultry company with 1,000 hens. They open their own store at 109 Solonos Street, and also begin dealing in   wholesale trading.
In 1965 they transfer their activities to Kapandriti, Attica. With continuous investments, the company develops and modernizes. The second generation, Dimitris Zouras's sons, Kostas, Triantafyllos and Yannis, undertake the management of the company at the beginning of 1980.
Milestones in our history, have been the construction of parent stock farms, hatchery and rearing houses at Oinofita, Attica in 1990 and the decision to move most of our egg production and our Head offices to Alexandroupolis, at the beginning of 2000. In 2011 we completed construction of our state of the art egg processing plant in Alexandroupolis.