Our parent stock farms are located in Oinofita, Voiotia.

In 6 houses of 10,000 hens/house, 60,000 ISA Brown laying hens lay eggs, which will then hatch into laying chicks. The hens are on the floor, not in battery cages, under ideal conditions of temperature and ventilation. They are monitored daily by the veterinary team. Egg collection is carried out automatically and eggs are transferred to the hatchery using specially converted vehicles.


Our hatchery is located in Oinofyta, Voiotia.

Equipped with state of the art Petersime machines and fully automated, it has a hatching capacity of 24,000,000 eggs/year.

Collected eggs are inspected by the company’s vets and then are placed in incubators for 21 days. After the hatching process, our experienced staff carries out the necessary vaccination and quality control on the chicks. Chicks are then transferred via specialized climate-controlled trucks to the rearing houses.

During each incubation, monitoring and disinfections are carried out and strict hygiene standards are applied, guaranteeing the absence of pathogenic organisms and preventing contamination.


Right after hatching, chicks are transferred to rearing houses, where they stay for 16 weeks. Our rearing farms are located in Oinofita (6 houses having a capacity of 60,000 chicks each) and in Alexandroupolis (2 houses of 75,000 chicks each).

Rearing is performed under the supervision of our experienced staff and the guidance of our veterinary team. We provide ideal conditions of ventilation, temperature and excellent feed quality, manufactured by our company, to ensure the success of the rearing process.


Our 16-week-old pullets are transferred with climate-controlled trucks either to our unit in Alexandroupolis (6 houses of 100,000 pullets each, with battery cages conforming to the latest European standards – Directive 1999/74/EC ) or to our barns (3 barns of 18,000 pullets each).

Eggs are collected daily. Each egg is inspected by a fully automated grading machine and only the best quality eggs are selected.


In 2011 we completed construction of a state of the art egg processing plant in Alexandroupolis. We have a processing capacity of over 2million eggs per day. Our plant includes fully automated storage facilities for up to 75million eggs at a time.

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